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The Fizber Property Tax Estimator allows you to calculate the estimated Ad Valorem taxes for a property located in any city nationwide. Choose a city from the drop down box, enter a property price in the space provided then press the "Calculate" button. The results displayed are the estimated yearly taxes for the property, using the last certified tax rate, without exemptions or discounts.

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What Is the Property Tax?

Property tax, millage tax is an ad valorem tax that an owner pays on the value of the property being taxed. Counties, cities, towns, villages, school districts, and special districts each raise money through the real property tax. The money funds schools, pays for police and fire protection, maintains roads, and funds other municipal services enjoyed by residents.

What Determines the Amount of a Property Tax Bill?
The amount of a particular property's tax bill is determined by two things: the property's taxable assessment and the tax rates of the taxing jurisdictions in which the property is located. The tax rate is determined by the amount of the tax levy to be raised from all, or part, of an assessing unit, and the unit's total taxable assessed value. The assessment is determined by the assessor and should be based on the value of the property less any applicable property tax exemptions.